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November 02, 2009


Confession: I thought my Mom was mean because she TORTURED me by combing and pulling my invariably knotted hair into pigtails every morning. Yes, it's true - I was horribly abused during my childhood :-) (I was FORCED to eat vegetables too. It's amazing I've turned out as well-adjusted as I have, really) I remember also that when I reached the age of about 10 I went through The Great Pigtail Rebellion because pigtails were for children and I wasn't a child anymore! Thus started the era of one sleek, understated ponytail, and the end of pigtails with bright ribbons in my hair. I felt liberated... :-)

Fast forward to my adult incarnation and the realization that I think there's pretty much nothing cuter than little girls with two tiny pigtails sprouting out the top of their heads. It's just so...childhood! Go figure...

ANYWAY, here's a teaser of Desi in her pigtails running around at an apple orchard. More to come...


October 06, 2009

Just One

It's not really a writing kind of a day (all of today's words seem to be jammed up inside my head in a huge alphabet soup type of jumble) so.... how about a photo?


More to come - I think. Me and this blogging thing still haven't come to terms with each other yet, so I'm still taking little baby steps!

September 28, 2009

Two Views

I must admit – even though I’m one of those “creative types”, my creativity has never extended itself to the space within which I live. For whatever reason, I have always been somewhat Décor Challenged and friends visiting my apartment often wonder why I’m holding an indoor garage sale. Well folks, that’s not a garage sale, that’s just my idea of livable space and yes, I realize I need HELP!!!!

Sooooo…. enter the experts: Caitlin Campbell and Kathy Sturr of Two Views Design. Caitlin and Kathy decided to host a Wine, Dine and Design evening at Design Mart in San Jose, so I jumped at the opportunity to surround myself with beautiful things, and people who knew how to create elegant home design with beautiful things. I figured if nothing else I could maybe guilt myself into making my home look nicer by staring a more perfect world in the face.

Well, as it turns out, I WAS inspired and motivated with absolutely no guilt involved. I enjoyed the evening immensely, and not just because I got a goody bag filled with chocolate ☺ Caitlin and Kathy lent us their interior design expertise and gave a wonderful demonstration on how to create two different looks in one room simply by switching out your accessories - magic, I tell 'ya! We also watched a demonstration by Kren from Bloomster’s Floral Designs, who proceeded to amaze us all with his ninja-like floral skills (I have NEVER seen anyone create such gorgeous, complex arrangements with such speed and finesse. I was mesmerized) He also custom designed a wonderful floral extravaganza for the winner of one of the door prizes. (oh, did I forget to mention door prizes? BONUS!)

ANYWAY, here’s a few photos from the evening. I had a blast, and would like to give thanks to Caitlin and Kathy for creating such a fun evening, to Kren for giving such an entertaining and informative demo, and to Sharon and Kevin Daroca of Design Mart for allowing us to romp all over their showroom after-hours! Sharon and Kevin were welcoming and fahhhhhhbulous and added so much to the fun, relaxing atmosphere of the entire evening.


Shiny, sparkly things...


Some of the raw materials Kren used for his floral creations


Kren amazing one and all with his mad skillz :-)


One of Kren's creations incorporated into one of Caitlin and Kathy's room set-ups

One more thing - Caitlin and Kathy also have their own individual design businesses. Be sure to check out Symmetry designs, and Inside Out Designs to learn more about Caitlin and Kathy and see more of their work!